Our sauces are all about a high vegetable content.
They’re suitable for everyone, young & old, fussy eaters, gluten free,
vegetarian, calorie controlled diet & low sugar.
Our Sauces are quick & easy to use making it very convenient to get more
vegetables into your diet.

  • Homemade

    Our Tomato based sauce is made with with fresh tomatoes, carrots,
    onions, garlic, red peppers, mushrooms, fresh basil.

    Pasta Sauce
  • Homemade

    A blend lots of fresh ginger, garlic, red onions, red peppers, fresh
    coriander, gentle curry spices like turmeric, garam masala, cumin.

    Curry Sauce

We’re delighted to be adding these delicious
NEW Stir In Sauces to our range in January 2021.

Inspired by my son Ben , who is now a teenager and learning how
to cook in school and taking an interest at cooking at home, I want
Ben to be able to cook for himself and teaching him simple easy
recipes is the best place to start.

“Kids know more about nutrition, health
and the importance of a good diet, they
want to eat good food , learning at a
young age gives them a great start in life”

These new flavours are a great way to introduce different cuisines
to your diet, whether you like a warming bowl of Chili, fresh spicy
pasta bake or everyone’s favourite tikka masala, our new sauce
range will bring a whole new flavour range to your dish.

I want my child to be able to cook for himself, especially as they
grow older and more independent, dare I say when they go off to
college and start fending for themselves.

I want his diet full of nutritious and delicious food, if I’m not home
he should be able to prepare a simple curry, pasta or even a tasty wrap.

I’m always encouraging Ben to cook
and remind him that practice
make perfect!
  • Stir in

    I created this sauce as we love a nice pasta sauce with a little hint of spice , I’ve used a mild Chili here for flavour , this sauce is delicious to make a decision chicken parmigiana, I’ve included the recipe for you to try.

    Simply warm ago room temperature and serve over your favourite pasta .

    Season to your liking and serve .

    Tomato & Chilli
  • Stir in

    I created this sauce because I absolutely love Mexican food, sizzling fajitas, baked enchiladas, nachos , tacos, or a bowl of warming Chili . I’ve created quick and simple recipes using our new tex mex sauce , bringing you a flavour of Mexican cuisine to your kitchen .

    Serve over rice, with nachos , in a wrap , on a burger ..the list goes on..

    Tex Mex
  • Stir in

    Curry is cooked at least twice in our house , it’s just one of those dishes when you start cooking the house fills with delicious aromas of curry spices – that just makes you hungry !

    Tikka Masala
About Us

About Us

I just refused to buy the shop bought jarred sauces as they had high sugar & salt content, something I just didn’t want to feed my family, so I started making my own.

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