About Us


Dan & Monstro is an innovative, exciting new Irish food brand producing award winning sauces that have a high vegetable and nutrient content!

Getting your five a day the easy way !

Launched in 2014 after founder Mari discovered a gap in the market for a nutritious, delicious vegetable packed convenient and easy to use sauce. Inspired by her young son Ben, who at the age of three, decided he wasn’t eating any more vegetables. Like any concerned parent, Mari worried that her young sons nutrition as he wasn’t getting his five a day . “I just refused to buy the shop bought jarred sauces as they had high sugar and salt content plus they were laden with preservatives, msg and other unnatural ingredients something I just didn’t want to feed my family especially Ben being such a picky eater , so I started making my own” Mari says. As pasta sauce was a sauce Ben really liked, Mari decided to blend lots of fresh vegetables through her homemade pasta sauce recipe!

Dan & Monstro

Mari started blending lots of fresh vegetables like onions, garlic, red
peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, fresh basil all through her own
pasta sauce recipe!

“I always wanted to start my own
business and had a love and passion for
cooking & food. I knew I had a great food
idea, who doesn’t want to give their
family the best“
Dan & Monstro

She doesn’t add salt, preservatives, or hidden nasties! Mari set off
to have her pasta sauce nutritionally tested and was delighted
when the results came back!

Dan and Monstro are two actual hand puppets that Ben named
and adored as a baby. As Ben was the inspiration behind his mums
business, Mari wanted her brand to be named after these cherished
puppets belonging to Ben.


We take pride in our award winning sauces & hope to continue winning more in the future.

Below are some of the Awards our sauce have won in the past.

  • All-Star Accredited
  • The Irish Food Awards – Silver 2017
  • The Irish Food Awards – Gold 2017
  • The Irish Food Awards – Gold 2018
  • Irish Quality Foods – Gold 2018
  • Irish Quality Foods – Commended 2019
  • All Ireland Business Awards Winner – 2019
  • Food Awards – Best in Sauces 2019
  • Food Awards – Best in Sauces 2020
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