About Us

Like any parent we want to feed our children and family the best possible food and I was extremely worried about Bens nutrition as he wasn’t getting his five a day.

After a long day at work , who wants to start cooking sauces from scratch so I found myself at the weekends making homemade pasta sauce , as spaghetti bolognaise was Bens favorite meal.

I started blending lots of fresh vegetables through my own homemade pasta sauce recipe and wanted to make the sauce as healthy as possible.

Ben loved the sauces as he couldn’t see or taste the vegetables, I knew I had a great sauce and started to think, I might just start off my own business…

Dan & Monstro was born….

Who is Dan & Monstro…
The two characters you see on my packaging and brand are two hand puppets Ben has had since he was 2, as Ben was my inspiration behind my business, I called my sauces after these two characters.

Dan is the guy on the left , the dinosaur
Monstro is the guy on the right…a friendly space alien.

I set off to my local farmers market in 2014 and introduced my new brand and sauces to the public.
I got a great reaction and very positive feedback, which helped me grow my business and eventually led me to launch my multiple award winning curry sauce.

Today I have three products and my sauces are available in SuperValu in the chilled Food Academy fixture and I’m launching into many more SuperValu throughout the country over the coming months.

I was delighted to become a supplier with the BWG group -who are one of Irelands leading Food retail companies- some of the brands they own are Spar, Eurospar,Mace, Londis and XL stores.
So look for my sauces in the fridge.
I want Dan & Monstro to be available to everyone.
If you are like me -popping into your local shop to find a healthy,convenient,easy to use sauce that everyone will like, my sauces are just perfect for you!

Our Products

Dan & Monstro are delicious, healthy sauces that are packed full of fresh vegetables

A great way to get your five a day, our sauces are packed with a selection of fresh blended herbs and vegetables

No Added Salt

Fat Free

Low in Sugar

Source of Protein

Rich in Vitamin C

Gluten Free